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In case you missed it: Digital Minimalism: Protecting your attention and focus

published22 days ago
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Issue # 34

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A new format same great content

When technologic started, there was 2 editions each week.

1 free and 1 paid. I’m combining the 2 concepts of these editions and making 1 super letter.

My goal is to get you the most value each week. I want to make sure there’s an interesting topic for you every single week.

This week’s edition is the new format for technologic.

Every week you’ll still receive the article explaining one tech topic. But it will be linked to my website.

Digital Minimalism: Protecting your attention and focus

Digital minimalism helps minimize anxiety and find more time for the things you love. Digital minimalism requires taking a deep look into the habits you’ve formed with your devices.

You need to find what you can’t live without.
Then get rid of the rest.

There’s 3 places you should start clearing the clutter.

  • Email
  • Apps
  • Files

Sorting through the email

Because we spend the most time with email, it’s easy for things to become overloaded
Most people live in their inbox using it as a to do list. This makes for a storage bin of clutter.

With a little time, this can be cleaned up.

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Tech news, no jargon

Coffee shop tracking users

Tim Horton’s was found tracking their app’s user’s location every few minutes all day. This breaks Canada’s privacy laws.
If a gas station wants to track your every location. Imagine what some of the other companies wants to do with your data. via ArsTechnica

Privacy for kids

The state of California passed the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. This law if signed by the Governor makes developers responsible for creating safety measures to protect kids online.

It limits the information collected from minors. Including their location data.
I agree there should be more protections for kids. I’m not sure passing laws requiring developers to make changes is the answer.

Who’ll enforce these laws?
Will someone in a country outside the US be required to follow them?

We should be progressing towards more control for parents. Parents need better resources. Easier to understand parental controls, and better guided setups with explanations for settings.
I know many parents who pay for services like Life360 for tracking. They all use iPhones.

With an iCloud family account, these features are built in.

They don’t know they can control their child’s interactions on devices. This includes who their child communicates with, the apps they install, how long they can use the apps, and what times they can use specific apps. via The Verge

Is tech addiction real?

What if tech addiction was a media narrative to keep you under their control. The psychologists don’t believe people have an addiction to tech. The psychologists say addiction needs to have a negative effect on your negatively impacts your social, occupational, or family life. They say it’s difficult to account for these impacts because so much of these interactions take place on the internet. This is an interesting article you don’t want to miss.
via Nir and Far