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Storage Area Network (SAN), syncing passwords, and smart homes

published2 months ago
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SANs Solved the Data Share Problem

SANs were created to solve data shares.

In the old days, a server would host its own storage. As tech has progressed, application reliability became as issue. When your data and application is on 1 server it becomes a problem fast. IT needed a way for the data to be shared among many servers.

And the SAN was born.

You wouldn't have a SAN in your house, but you use them every day.

SANs are in data centers. Storage Area network (SAN) is a server or set of servers connected to provide shared storage. A SAN can contain thousands of host servers and storage devices.

Every company with an application uses a SAN.

Why they're needed

SANs help a company's storage resources be centralized, reliable, and flexible.

The flexibility for companies comes from being able to add more storage as needed without changing anything already setup. The reliability comes from application servers being able to access the same data no matter when it was last updated. Since the components of a SAN are connected the data ends up being centralized.

This is why a SAN is most important part of any company's network.

Read more here


Sync Apple passwords with Windows

I dropped a thread discussing password security.

In the thread, I mentioned the iPhone password manager. It works seamless on Apple products. Did you know it works on Windows?

I didn't.

It's easy. You download the iCloud app for Windows. Login and then install a browser extension.

The future of smart homes is set

The smart home ecosystem is broken.

Most manufacturers of the products have their own protocol. This means products made for Google Nest doesn't always work with Apple HomeKit. Then there's Zigbee and Z-Wave.

Because of this I run software on a server allowing the different protocols to work together.

Hacked together solutions won't be needed soon.

For a few years, Matter has been working to connect everything. Matter has board members from Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, Lutron, and others.

These companies have worked together on a protocol called Thread. Thread works like WIFI but runs on a different frequency.

This does 2 things

  1. Frees up bandwidth so your WIFI will be faster
  2. Allows smart devices to always work

Matter is a huge win for the consumer.

The Matter protocol is set to release this fall.

Check out this interview to see what's coming.


Notable updates

Meta reported their 1st drop in revenue. Their decision? Make Facebook and Instagram more like TikTok.

Twitter has raised the price of their paid service Twitter Blue. They say it will pay for building new features. They could start by giving subscribers first access to their trial features.

Hostess dropped a limited-edition Twinkie called $TWINKcoin.


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